Thick Ply-boards & Block Boards


Mayor Block Boards are made of select timber species, impregnated with insecticide and fungicide, and kiln seasoned for prefect bonding, Cutting-edge technology and special composing ensure that these boards are totally plain and uniform. Utmost care is taken to ensure no gaps, overlapping or corrugation, which eliminates chances of opening up of the board when cut. Mayor Block Boards are also totally resistant to termites, borers etc, and impart exceptional wrap-resistance, strength and durability.


  • Only selected species of timber used
  • Prophylactic treatment by impregnating with concentrated preservative solution of insecticide and fungicide for long lasting protection
  • Kiln seasoned to less than 8 -10% moisture content for proper bonding
  • High dimensional stability
  • High mechanical properties
  • Excellent screw holding capacity
  • Does not expand, contract or warp like solid wood


  • Cabinets, almirahs and other furniture
  • Doors partitions, shelves and other interior applications
  • Roofing, fencing, and other external applications