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Silk Luxury emulsion from Berger Paints

Silking your Home with Berger Silk
Believe it or not but it is possible to add an extra dash of style using a bit of imagination and very little money! Even interior designers often use low budget home decorating ideas to do up low cost projects .
Ditch expensive sofas and fancy furniture and instead opt for futons (that double up as beds) or low cushion seating. Toss colourful cushions, add inexpensive floor lighting and you are good to go!
The money you save on fancy furniture can be put to good use with quality wall paint. Give a thought to wall paint ideas. From stencil to textured, there is a whole world of wall paint designs to choose from.
Thinking of investing in a shelf? Shelves can be expensive, instead opt for modular storage units that you can get online to make a stepped up side table to house show pieces and books.
Bought a boring lampshade? Jazz it up with sequins, ribbon and fevicol to add your own bespoke interior designer touch.
Want to make your room look bigger? Look no further than the glassware store. Hanging a mirror in an attractive frame not only makes a room look bigger; it also makes it brighter as it reflects the light.
Hanging curtain rods at the correct height can also make a world of difference. Interior designers recommend curtain rods should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible to create a sense of height. Rods that are hung too low make a room feel boxy!

You cannot afford art so how about digging out some of your favourite photos and blowing it up? Creating an attractive visual gallery wall is a simple idea and adds a quaint, personal touch.
Even photocopied art looks great if it is attractively framed –e.g. between two glass frames for instance.
And the easiest way to spruce up a room – just add a few plants in attractive plant holders.

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