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For someone not aware of the term yet, galvanization is basically the process through which a protective layer of zinc coating is applied to iron or steel to prevent them from rusting. Though there are numerous ways through which metals can be galvanized, the most common method used by sheet metal fabricators is hot – dip galvanizing. Metal parts are dipped in a container filled with molten zinc which keeps the metal protected.

Three Ways How The Metal Is Protected

  • Corrosive substance can’t reach the iron or steel lying below the zinc coating when the layer is intact.
  • Even if the coating scratches, the remaining zinc will keep the exposed iron and steel protected.
  • Since zinc corrodes before iron, it keeps the base metal protected when you use Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Assam.
    Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Assam

4 Common Uses Of Galvanized Plain Sheets

  • Nuts And Bolts

During the hot – dip coating process, the threads of nails, bolts and nuts get filled up too much if their size is smaller and as a result their strength reduces. The metal is electroplated during electro – galvanizing as a current of electricity is made to pass through a solution of zinc or saline containing a steel conductor and a zinc anode. Stainless steel is used during electro – galvanizing as the nuts and bolts are used in light mechanical products.

  • Piping

Gone are the days when cast iron was used for piping purposes. Nowadays, galvanized piping has replaced the former as they have a life expectancy of around 70 years. Though, it is generally dependent on the proximity of the electrical grids, impurities present in the water supply in that region, the thickness of zinc used and whether the piping has been coated from the outside or inside. Sometimes, the piping is also lined with epoxy resin to make them heat and chemical resistance.

  • Construction

Every Galvalume Sheets Supplier in Assam will agree to the fact that sheet metals are generally used during commercial construction projects to build awnings, building frames, ductwork, handrails, canopies, balconies, fences, street furniture, verandas, industrial walkways, staircases, ladders and support beams, to name a few.

  • Wire Rope

Though you can use hot-dip coating for wires, the process reduces the strength of steel and isn’t suitable for wire rope as they are a highly stressed product. Hot – dip coating makes the steel brittle. This is primarily why stainless steel is used to manufacture products like electric cables, window locks and construction binding materials.

Why Is Zinc Used For Galvanizing Metals?

One of the main reasons why almost very Galvalume Sheets Supplier in Assam use zinc during the galvanizing process is because they are resistant to rust, scratches, moisture and corrosion. The self – healing feature of zinc keeps the galvanized plain sheets protected while they are being transported, installed or serviced. Since galvanized metals possess all the qualities of zinc, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company who can offer it.

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