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With the passage of time, every property within a residential or commercial property requires a new roof. Since a roof is one of the structures that frequently faces severe storms, sun rays, and harsh weather conditions, their quality deteriorates and damages gradually. Replacing them becomes the only way out.


Installing a new roof is definitely a costly affair for every resident in Assam and surrounding states. No doubt, residents look for roofs which are not only visually appealing but also lasts long, affordable, and durable. The best product which can serve all the purposes stated above is Galvalume Sheets. But before you start looking for a reliable Galvalume Sheets Supplier in Assam, enhancing your knowledge about the product is indeed a wise thing to do.

Material Of Your Roofing

One of the prime reasons why people prefer Galvalume Roofing is because of its longevity, high-quality, and durability. This superior variety of roofing is crafted from sheets of steel and coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminium. The percentage of aluminum added in the coating is a bit more than that of the zinc. The main purpose served by the coating is to protect your roofs from the effects of corrosion. A small percentage of silicon is also added with it to maintain its quality while it is being bent or rolled during manufacturing.

Why Are The Demand Of Galvalume Sheets Enhancing?

According to a survey recently conducted, the demand for Galvalume Roofing has enhanced drastically in the last few years. The aesthetical appeal and durability offered by the product are treated to be the prime reasons behind it. They are offered in a wide range of shades and designs so you can choose one that suits your requirements the best.

Whether you are residing in a contemporary or traditional property, this product can serve it all. You can either paint the structure or simply leave it bare as it has a bright shine of its own. Applying it to various institutional, industrial, or architectural structures is also easy as they can be shaped within the shortest span of time.

Few Vital Features Of Galvalume Sheets Manufactured In Assam

  • Expands with change in temperature without cracking
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Ideal for hot and humid climates
  • Installing over existing roofs is easy
  • Leak proof and maintenance-free
  • Offers decades of warranty
  • Possess thermal reflective properties

The Best Alternative To The Traditional Roofing Material

Have a liking for roofing materials like slate, asphalt, clay tile, shingles or cedar shade? Opt for Galvalume sheets as the product can imitate any roofing material and lasts a lot longer than those traditional materials.

If you are planning to colour the structure, inform your supplier about this and they will craft sheets using high-quality and baked-on enamel. This enamel comes with a warranty of around 40 years so you don’t have to worry anymore about the paint chipping, peeling, or cracking. Simply install the roof and have complete peace of mind!

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