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Reflective glass may be defined as a glass treated with a metallic coating so the heat can be reflected. It shouldn’t be considered to be reflective as in a mirror. It doesn’t act like a mirror; rather it has a reflective surface. Reflective glass reflects radiation; it doesn’t absorb it. This type of glass is often used in environmental friendly constructions with the aim to reduce both heat gain and heat loss.

Today, different types of reflective glass with varying features and varying levels of reflectivity are available on the market and this creates a wide array of aesthetics. Here are the key benefits of installing reflective glasses in buildings like schools, offices, commercial buildings and even apartment blocks.

  • Colour – Since tinted, reflective glass offers better synchronisation with metal panels, spandrels, extrusions as well as other building materials. This tinted glass transmits adequate levels of visible light and ensures colour neutrality that also enhances the tint of glass substrate under the reflective coating.
  • Glare control – Tinted reflective glass influences VLT (visible light transmittance). It allows a just perfect amount of natural light into the building while reducing the glare and so eliminating the requirement for window blinds as well as other interior shading devices. Moreover, this solar control glass reflects a certain portion of the incoming solar radiation that limits entry of heat into the building. This feature can potentially reduce HVAC usage.
  • Insulation – If you want to feel physical and emotional comfort, you just can’t ignore the importance of proper room temperature. If it is too cold or too hot, you are less likely to feel that comfort. Glass greatly influences the comfort and livelihood of a home. But many customers don’t want to understand that the ordinary glass windows are sheer energy leak. An adequately insulated building using ordinary glass may lose up to 40% heat during winter through the windows while it gains about 87% solar heat during warm summer months. If you want to get control over temperature and comfort of your home, you would find a number of options. You can opt for a reflective glass product for better insulation over ordinary glass throughout the year. Home is the place to enjoy quality time to spend with family and temperature plays a key role in that. You really can’t enjoy a chilly living room or a cook a master dish in an overheated kitchen. But if your home is equipped with reflective glass, you can control the temperature of the home and thus how the home feels.
  • Visibility – This glass has a special metallic coating that allows seeing out while preventing people outside to see in. And that surely ensures privacy during the daytime.
  • Exterior look – Reflective glass offers a crisp and bold exterior look along with a dynamic surface that changes occasionally to reflect the colour of the blue sky, passing of clouds and also different times of the day.

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