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4 Key Benefits Of Using Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Are you on the lookout for metal roofing solutions for your residential or commercial applications? Do you wish to have a sustainable and durable building material which offers consistency in strength and has low thermal conductivity? Trust us; nothing can be more beneficial than Galvalume corrugated roofing sheets!

No matter whether your existing roof requires a total makeover or you are planning to put a roof on your new property, it’s true that there are a wide number of materials to choose from. However, irrespective of what your roof style is, Galvalume roofs can be a wonderful addition due to their high longevity, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. Available in a range of sizes, colours, thickness and heights, these sheets are known for providing an abundant amount of ventilation at lower costs.

Still wondering what makes these roofing materials so advantageous? Read on then to get your answers!

About Galvalume Roofing Sheets

Developed in 1972, Galvalume is 55% aluminium with 45% of zinc alloy coated steel sheet. This distinct coating protects the steel from corrosion while creating a sturdy and long-lasting finish. It is this blend which makes it better than galvanised steel that is covered only with a zinc coating. What’s more Galvalume sheets have even been tested in various environments?

Benefits Of Using Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Assam

There are numerous reasons why Galvalume has emerged as a more popular alternative to standard aluminium and steel. Some of these include-

  1. Ability To Resist Corrosion And Offer Barrier Protection

With Galvalume sheets, both zinc and aluminium act simultaneously to resist corrosion and provide barrier safeguard on the roofing surface. Both these metals resist rust and defy cracks and peels from adverse weather conditions. Further, it even resists cracks and peels from the roll-forming process when the corrugated panels are created.

  1. Galvalume Is Versatile

One of the greatest benefits you can avail by using Galvalume corrugated roofing sheets is that they are very easy to install not only over new surfaces but even over existing surfaces. Being a lightweight material, it suits both architectural and structural needs. Just the way you can use the unpainted variety for your residential needs, you can even paint them to match your architectural needs.

  1. Can Help In Reducing The Utility Use And Bills

When the hot rays of the sun reflect off a surface, Galvalume sends them back from the surface and do not allow them to pass through it. This way, it allows much lesser heat to penetrate into the building, thus requiring less cooling efforts. During the colder months, it even reflects cold air off the surface. This energy efficiency helps you in saving your money by bringing down your utility costs.

  1. Provides High Durability

With Galvalume, you can be assured that your building material will last longer in most situations. This high durability means that not only will it require less maintenance and replacements but even saves your money in the long-term. Thus, as compared to other building components, it proves to be more cost-effective.

Now that you are aware of the benefits, what are you still waiting for? Find a leading supplier and start buying high-quality roofing sheets!

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